This longer story takes place in a series of virtual worlds, starting in one called Second Life. There is a prologue which you might want to read as well, which (indirectly) sets events up for the complete story.

The chapters of this story are:

  1. One day in Second Life (Prologue)
  2. Beginnings
    Laurel has a great idea and life is never the same.
  3. Big Problems
    Some days your problems always seem too big.
  4. Life on a Matchbox
    Issues and conundrums in the middle of nowhich.
  5. Flying into Trouble
    Tourism has changed lately, and this welcome isn't quite friendly.
  6. Native Hospitality
    Our travelers decide what to do, and their guests have a hot time.
  7. Chasing Theories
    What might or might not be, and a quick exit.
  8. Transports
    The Boss lays it out, and Marble runs a gauntlet.
  9. Pocket Universe
    Laurel finally meets a friend.

You might also want to read these segments, though they are not directly related to this story:

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