I started doing Stuff Happens in a period when I was still running Seabrook's Webcomic Serials over at Comic Genesis. I needed to do some diary comics, but I didn't want to upset the flow of the current serial I was doing, so I created a new comic at Comic Dish.

I didn't do much with it until the 2008 Comikaze Challenge when, on a whim, I decided to create a comic using characters I'd created in Second Life. Because it was a 24 hour comic, it was awkward to use Comic Genesis, as there was no time element in how one uploaded pages, whereas Comic Dish had one built in.

Since then I've posted more more 24 hour comics and Second Life comics here, as well more diary comics as well. In October 2009 I decided to abandon the comic genesis site and have have also moved several strips from there to here (like Floods and Storms). The serial I was doing got its own page, and I'm continuing to post a mixture of reprints and original stuff here.

For the moment then, more stuff is happening here, and I hope to make it happen for a while to come.

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